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How Does the Peptide Molecular Weight Calculator Work

The molecular weight calculator recognizes both one-letter code for 20 natural amino acids, and three-letter code. When using the one letter notation, please type your peptide sequences in capital letters as single words (for example: AIVVG). When using the three-letter notation, separate amino acids with hyphens (For example: Ala-Ile-Val-Val-Gly). If n- and/or c- terminals are not specified the calculator assumes that they are Amine and Free Acid. You can specify the terminals by separating them from the rest of the sequence with hyphens (For example: FLu-Ala-Ile-Val-Val-Gly-OH or Ac-AIVVG-NH2).

Here are the single-letter amino acid codes the calculator recognizes at this time: A: Alanine, R: Arginine, N: Asparagine, D: Aspartic Acid, C: Cysteine, E: Glutamic Acid, Q: Glutamine, G: Glycine, H: Histidine, I: Isoleucine, L: Leucine, K: Lysine, M: Methionine, F: Phenylanine, P: Proline, S: Serine, T: Threonine, W: Tryptophan, Y: Tyrosine, V: Valine, O: Hydroxyproline

Here are the three-letter amino acid codes the calculator recognizes at this time: Ala: Alanine, Arg: Arginine, Asn: Asparagine, Asp: Aspartic Acid, Cys: Cysteine, Glu: Glutamic Acid, Gln: Glutamine, Gly: Glycine, His: Histidine, Ile: Isoleucine, Leu: Leucine, Lys: Lysine, Met: Methionine, Phe: Phenylanine, Pro: Proline, Ser: Serine, Thr: Threonine, Trp: Tryptophan, Tyr: Tyrosine, Val: Valine, Hyp: Hydroxyproline

Here are n-terminal codes the calculator recognizes at this time: H: Amine, Ac: Acetyl, FLu: 5,(6)-Carboxyfluorescein, Biotin: Biotin, IAc: IAc, tamra: tamra, Methacryl: Methacryl, myr: myr, pGlu: Pyroglutamate, LC*SMCC: LC-SMCC, MAL*dPEG4TM: MAL-dPEG4TM, Maleimidopropionyl*15*amino*4,7,10,13*tetraoxopentadecanoyl: Maleimidopropionyl-15-amino-4,7,10,13-tetraoxopentadecanoyl, Maleimidopropionyl*8*amino*3,6*dioxaoctanoyl: Maleimidopropionyl-8-amino-3,6-dioxaoctanoyl, DNP: DNP, Hexyl: Hexyl

Here are c-terminal codes the calculator recognizes at this time: OH: Acid, NH2: Amide, Biotin: Biotin-(OH), cya: Biotin-(OH)

Please note: our peptide molecular weight calculator input is case sensitive.

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