PeptideBuilder Light Version 1.0

Please note
PeptideBuilder Light is legacy software that was developed at the turn of the century. This page is maintained for historic reasons. Instead of PeptideBuilder Light, you can use the online peptide molecular weight calculator.

The PeptideBuilder Light utility is an application that simplifies generation of text representations for simple peptides and proteins. This program features support for both one-letter and three-letter amino-acid notations, on-the-fly calculation of M.W., and easy to use interface. To see a screenshot of the utility, please click here.

You can use your computer keyboard or buttons on the PeptideBuilder screen to enter the amino acid sequences. There are also buttons for placing the complete peptide formula or molecular weight into Clipboard for easy reuse in other Windows applications: e-mail programs, spreadsheets, etc.

At this time, Biopeptide Company distributes the PeptideBuilder Light free of charge for non-commercial use as described in terms of the license agreement. If you would like to use our utility for commercial purposes, please contact us for more information.

You can download a self-extract Windows installation from these locations:

Download links: http | ftp

We want to hear from you. To provide feedback on PeptideBuilder Light, comments, bug reports, and suggestions for feature versions, please use the form below. Thank you for your interest in our tools!

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